HonezuRP Rules

General Rules

● 1.1 - No RDM / VDM (Random Death Match / Vehicle Death Match) - This means you cannot kill someone / run someone over with a vehicle for no RP reason.
● 1.2 - No breaking NLR (New Life Rule) - You cannot return to the area you died at for 300 seconds (5 minutes), This also means you cannot interact with anyone from your previous life, shoot into the area of your death. You can collect your vehicles or other entities if the RP has ended.
● 1.3 - No FDA (Fading Door Abuse) - You cannot use your keybinds to open fading doors during RP, you must use the keypads and buttons you place for them.
● 1.4 - Don't FailRP - Keep all roleplay 'normal', if it wouldn't happen in real life, don't do it in-game.
● 1.5 - No metagaming- You cannot use information from outside of RP such as the kill feed, messages from Discord, job titles etc.
● 1.6 - Don't job abuse - You cannot use a job for an advantage such as being a gun dealer to buy yourself or friends guns or being a medic to heal yourself or friends.
● 1.7 - No baiting - You cannot bait someone by making police chase you for no reason or making someone pull out a gun and your friend shoot them from a distance etc.
● 1.8 - No placing random hits on players - You cannot place a hit opn someone for no reason, this counts as RDM, you need to have a valid RP reason such as someone raided you so you place a hit on them. As long as you are in the same life it happened and within the RP timer rule. (Rule 1.9)
● 1.9 - RP timer of 30 minutes. - This means you can remember the past 30 minutes within your life. If you die you forget what happened (NLR Rule 1.2). For example you can get revenge on a police officer who arrested you by placing a hit on them. (You cannot kill police yourself if they arrested you, you have to place a hit).
● 1.10 - You cannnot destroy your entities during a raid such as your printers. So if you are being raided this means you cannot destroy anything that belongs to you or your friends / gang members / base members. You also cannot disconnect during a raid so the raiders cannot get profits from your entities. You can disconnect once the raid is fully complete and they have left the base.
● 1.11 - Do not abuse props - You cannot, propspam (Placing lots of props for no reason), propsurf, prop climb (Using props to get to high areas which you could not usually reach) and prop killing and you cannot sit on props and have a friend move you into a base using physgun or precision tool etc.
● 1.12 - If you have been weapon checked, you cannot use any weapons from your inventory until that RP is over. If you think you have been randomly weaponed checked you can call an admin to deal with it.
● 1.13 - You cannot do real world trading - You cannot trade in-game items or money for real money or items. If this happens you can be fully wiped and banned.
● 1.14 - You may only give out reasonable amounts of money - You cannot go and give someone millions for no reason, this is to try keep the economy decent and balanced. You may donate up to $100,000 in-game currency to players, hobos etc.
● 1.15 - You cannot use cameras for RP for example to look at your printers, the outside of your base etc. You can use it out of RP for example looking at your character to see your accessories etc.
● 1.16 - You must advert raids, kidnappings, muggings, carjackings etc. You should use /anon for these as if you use /advert you are showing your name to everyone and police can make you wanted and place a warrant on you. You also need to advert / anon assists so if you are helping someone raid, mug, kidnap etc. Example would be "/anon Raid assist!"
● 1.17 - Cooldowns - You must wait 10 minutes between raids, kidnaps, mugs, carjacks (making someone get out of their car and stealing it) etc. You must wait 1 hour (60 minutes) to raid, mug, kidnap, carjack the same person. A raid cannot go on longer for 15 minutes, you can only have someone kidnapped for 15 minutes unless there is a negotation going on to release them. You can raid the bank again after the 10 minute cooldown. All these cooldowns also apply if you are helping someone for example assisting in a raid, helping kidnap someone etc.
● 1.18 - If you find a bug or glitch you must report it, using it will get your banned. We also sometimes reward players for reporting serious glitches, bugs, exploits etc.
● 1.19 - Alt accounts are not allowed. If you are found using an alt account it will be permanently banned and your main account also may receive a punishment. The only alt accounts that may be on the server are used by developers with authorised permission and are only used for testing.

Combat Rules

● 2.1 - Medics cannot heal / revive during a shootout / raid. They can do this after the situation has finished.
● 2.2 - You can only defend someone by killing a person if you are actively roleplaying with them such as basing with them, raiding, kidnapping etc AND that they are in the same gang as you or you both have in your job titles or names a tag to identify that you are both together for example in the job title could be "/w User2" or your names could have a symbol in them that no one else is using in game.
● 2.3 - You can only kill someone if they are not complying with your requests such as you tell someone to get up against a wall and they keep moving after 3 warnings or they are AFK and not listening.
● 2.4 - You cannot abuse hitboxes while in combat. Examples of this is spam crouching, jumping etc.
● 2.5 - You cannot shoot / kill a police officer during a traffic stop. You can only enter combat if the police officer starts it.
● 2.6 - You must stop for police if you don't have any RP reason not to stop. For example you don't have to stop if you are wanted, driving a stolen car etc. Normal traffic offenses do not count as crimes such as running red lights.

Building Rules

● 3.1 - KOS Sign's are not allowed. You can use LWA (Leave When Asked) signs instead and you can give them 3 warnings to leave your property then you can shoot them. (Must advert the warnings)
● 3.2 - You cannot use one way walls. Example below

● 3.3 - You cannot use no collided entrances.
● 3.4 - You can have 3 fading doors. 2 for the entrance of your base and everyone in the base can have 1 fading door for to protect their entities, for example a money printer box.
● 3.5 - You cannot block off public entities such as ATMs, NPCs etc.
● 3.6 - You cannot have the following in a base:
      ● Kill boxes - Boxes / rooms that are used for the sole purpose of killing raiders and the raiders have an unfair advantage of getting in.
      ● Crouch bases - Bases where crouching is required to get in or get to an area.
      ● Jump / parkour bases - Bases where you need to jump from platform to platform to get to a fading door or access to an area.
      ● Angle bases - Bases where the defenders can see and shoot the raiders but the raiders cannot see or attack them.
      ● Maze bases - Bases where you add multiple turns to make the distance longer for the raiders to gain access. Use up to 2 turns if its needed.
      ● Floating bases - Bases where they are at the top of a building / hanging of the edge or just floating in the sky.
● 3.7 - You must have at least one entrance to the base, you can block off other entrances.
● 3.8 - You can place a building sign while building so you don't get raided.
● 3.9 - You can not have any entities such as printers in your base while having a building sign.
● 3.10 - You cannot build while you are raiding someone and you cannot build if you are being raided.
● 3.11 - Shooting holes must be at least the size of models/hunter/blocks/cube05x05x05.mdl
● 3.12 - You must have a keypad on both sides of a fading door. Fading doors for entities such as a printer box is not included.
● 3.14 - You can own 2 buildings, 1 base and 1 commercial building for example a shop.
● 3.15 - 2 people must be able to fit nicely in between fading doors.
● 3.16 - Your fading door must be a different material / colour to the other walls surrounding it.
● 3.17 - Only hobos may build on the side of the road and they can only build a small shelter.

Theft Rules

4.1 - You can mug up to a maximum of $100k.
4.2 - You cannot mug someone around other players who you are not actively roleplaying with and that they can easily see and hear that you are mugging someone.
4.3 - You own what you have stolen, you can do whatever you want with it, for example you can just destroy it, sell it etc.

Police Rules

● 5.1 - Lights and sirens are only to be used in emergencies.
● 5.2 - Police cannot raid on the sound of printers, You need to see them or sparks coming out of the building. Police can raid on the sound of weed / meth / other sounds.
● 5.3 - You cannot point your gun randomly at people. You should only be pointing a gun when you are trying to arrest them or they are a threat. If you point your gun at someone that is a threat to them and they can shoot you if they want.
● 5.4 - Police cannot break any laws, you cannot own illegal printers, placing hits etc. You also cannot let people out of jail for money or other rewards.
● 5.5 - You cannot shoot a vehicle trying to escape from police without attempting to pursue the vehicle for a reasonable time (at least 5 minutes), if the vehicle is being used as a weapon then you may shoot.
● 5.6 - Police have to follow orders from the chief and Mayor, if you do not you can be demoted from police. If an order being given is breaking server rules then contact an admin.
● 5.7 - Police cannot randomly tase, you should tase before shooting when you are trying to detain or arrest someone.
● 5.8 - You cannot battering ram moving vehicles, this is seen as FailRP. People cannot enter their vehicle again once they have been battering rammed until the RP situation is over.
● 5.9 - Don't place random spike strips on the road. You should only place them when a vehicle is in pursuit and you are trying to stop them.


● 6.1 - Greenzones are at: Spawn, Car dealer, Hospital, Casino and Cinema.
● 6.2 - If you run into a greenzone during a RP situation you will remain in that situation. For example if you are running from police you can still be arrested in a greenzone.
● 6.3 - You cannot start these RP situations in a greenzone: mugs, kidnappings, thefts, and deaths. The hitman can still do their hit if the target is in a greenzone.


● 7.1 - You cannot self supply, as a gun dealer you may buy yourself 1 weapon for self defence but you have to stay as gun dealer for 30 minutes and have a shop setup. You cannot buy yourself a shipment.
● 7.2 - Street Artist's or Hobo's are the only ones who may play sensible music through their mic in public. Police can ask you to go somewhere else and do it.
● 7.3 - All gun dealers need to have a shop setup and be open to the public at all times.
● 7.4 - Medics must revive any injured people only if they are not currently in a raid.
● 7.5 - The protected jobs are: Miner, Street Artist, Medic, Taxi Driver, Bus Driver. You cannot steal vehicles or mug anyone in a protected job. Protected jobs can still be arrested by police for breaking any laws.
●7.6 - Jobs Info
      ● Citizen: Guns; Any, Raid; Yes; Printers; Yes; Mug / Kidnap; Yes
      ● Miner: Guns; None; Raid; No; Printers; No; Mug / Kidnap; No
      ● Bartender; Guns; Handguns Raid; No; Printers; Yes; Mug / Kidnap; No
      ● Hobo: Guns; Knives; Raid; No; Printers; No; Mug / Kidnap; No
      ● Street Artist: Guns; None; Raid; No; Printers; No; Mug / Kidnap; No
      ● Mechanic: Guns; Handguns Raid; No; Printers; No; Mug / Kidnap; No
      ● Bank Manager; Guns; Handguns Raid; No; Printers; No; Mug / Kidnap; No
      ● Gun Dealer: Guns; Any; Raid; No; Printers; Yes; Mug / Kidnap; No
      ● Meth Cook: Guns; Any; Raid; No; Printers; Yes; Mug / Kidnap; No
      ● Weed Grower; Guns; Any; Raid; No; Printers; Yes; Mug / Kidnap; No
      ● Thief: Guns; Any, Raid; Yes; Printers; Yes; Mug / Kidnap; Yes
      ● Master Thief: Guns; Any, Raid; Yes; Printers; Yes; Mug / Kidnap; Yes
      ● Hitman: Guns; Any; Raid; No; Printers; No; Mug / Kidnap; No
      ● Mayor: Guns; Handguns Raid; No Printers; No; Mug / Kidnap; No
      ● Police Officer: Guns; Police Loadout; Raid; Warrant Only; Printers; No; Mug / Kidnap ; No
      ● Police Sergeant: Guns; Police Loadout; Raid; Warrant Only; Printers; No; Mug / Kidnap ; No
      ● S.W.A.T: Guns; Police Loadout; Raid; Warrant Only; Printers; No; Mug / Kidnap ; No
      ● Police Chief: Guns; Police Loadout; Raid; Warrant Only; Printers; No; Mug / Kidnap ; No
      ● Medic: Guns; None; Raid; No; Printers; No; Mug / Kidnap; No
      ● Security Guard; Guns; Any; Raid; No; Printers; No; Mug / Kidnap; No
      ● Taxi Driver: Guns; None; Raid; No; Printers; No; Mug / Kidnap; No
      ● Bus Driver: Guns; None; Raid; No; Printers; No; Mug / Kidnap; No

Other Rules

● 8.1 - No spamming, such as ropes, props, entities etc.
● 8.2 - You cannot scam anyone, the only 'scamming' allowed is player made chance games.
● 8.3 - You can have a custom job title only if you are not a police job and you cannot name yourself a job that already exists.
● 8.4 - Do not harrass / bully other players.
● 8.5 - Do not use offensive / toxic language.

VIP Rules

● 9.1 - Don't teleport to people without their permission, You must always ask before and cannot teleport while you are they are in a RP situation.
● 9.2 - You can only teleport to players you are with them such as in the same gang or basing together.
Breaking any of these VIP rules can get you to losing your rank temporarily or even permanently, these rules can also change at any time.


These are the default laws, police can arrest players for breaking these laws. The Mayor cannot change any of these laws.

● 1. Do not attack other citizens except in self-defence.
● 2. Do not steal or break into people's homes.
● 3. Money printers / drugs are illegal.
● 4. Having a gun or knife is illegal, you must have a gun license to own them.
● 5. No trespassing, even if the property is open.
● 6. Holding a gun out in public is illegal, police can ask you to put it away even if you own a gun license.

Road Laws

These are the default road laws, police can arrest players for breaking these laws. The Mayor cannot change any of these laws.

● 1. Follow the speed limits, going more than 10mph over the speed limit is considered speeding.
● 2. Stop for the police, if you do not stop for police this is seen as resisting arrest.
● 3. Give right of way at stop signs.
● 4. Drive on the right side of the road.
● 5. Do not illegally park.
● 6. Stop after a collision / accident, if you don't this is seen as hit and run and you can be arrested for it.

● Orange Roads: 65MPH
● Yellow Roads: 35MPH
● White Roads: 25MPH - Unless speed sign says different